Soo, this is my blog.

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A currently teenaged drummer that doesnt want to grow up. Livin life as it goes on, and not sure whats to come. Lemon pie.Anarchy.RocknRoll.

So I have been reading a lot into Buddhism lately, those this high post was heavily Buddhist influenced.

"Goofopolis smear kettle tops to unordained melon seeds with a conspicuous, felonious air about them, the cessation of suffering is particular to the layout for enlightenment, the eightfold path and the four noble truths are not necessary yet will engorge the bridge to nirvana. After one has reached  that understanding of the cosmic universes, pondering the oneness and unity of all conscious beings, and ending the cycle of the tainting of the mind, reaching and adjunct sense with the supreme being. The chakras awaken and shall become a flowing, viscous, mellifluous, solution that helps all being. Then when an individual is freed, they may aid and unlock others. Happiness will come to them all.

This is probably my favorite, most coherent high story that Ive written. I was feeling a real spiritual high at the time, and was very connected to the universe, as follows-

I step into the firepit in the backyard of man that I love in a brotherly way, I absorb the fire through my feet, and become a flying cannonbeam of air, absorbing the night sky as I burst through the night sky as I burst through the atmosphere, I embark into the star scaped universe and become one of a star for my many bright brothers and sisters to live in my existence, I form a halo of planets around me, a solar system if you will, and form life and energy and spirit and existence into the warmed planets of my orbit, evolution and beauty into the soul soil, and the roots of life spurt from the fertile ground as human and animal and vegetation form into beings that live in coexistent unity, I support them with energy and fuel, to charge them with progression and teach them love and conflict, happiness and sadness, spirit and ignorance, and knowledge and enlightenment, they live the holy universal flow of life, with a love for me, their creator and supporter, and I reciprocate that love with a beam of affection and light energy, this dual codependent existence forms a state of perpetual euphoria, that engulfs the physical state of all beings, the infamous all knowing rainbow bridge networks itself across planets and plasma spirit, striding this duality of light and dark, cold and warm, I look past on it and encapture the essence of my memory and my mind, in which I explore and enrich, ending life in wellness and without need, floating with the careless rainbow jellyfish in the border of space and planet.

A Poem I wrote, high off my ass

A space torpedo i am,

I roast a can of ham,

an elephant beholds my eye,

and zeus eats a bucket of pie,

a panda bear beats his buckcherry chest,

a melon tastes her own zest,

rainbow pudding dances the stars,

animal harpstring open the bars,

a masterful mammal embraces his tool,

lightning zebra vishnu freeforms a mule,

rainbow plasma jellyfish dip into my eye,

and spirit bridge of orbital gets ready to fly,

my orthopedic ball penguin snorts a blue star,

a leaf needle super cat drives by in a car,

 the base of the statue is filled with kush,

as the panda dog fuzzy bear smokes a bush,

the next we start the story begins,

unfortunately for now this story ends.

My second story written high.

Rainbow jellyfish dances across my eye, as my neon rainbow body sways through the sky, space sting rays fly by the sun, as musical dragon notes fire through the gun, i speak a language one minus notes, the star bubbles kiss my nose as sirius brushes my hair and my blues clues bunny rabbit faffs about on yellow bright fire charizard of tommorow, speaking of dweebles rather than a poor mans white bull jordans happy man do the spirit dance and be the  coal of my ancestor potato glossary pudding vaccum of light soulcake, what what what derp leiderhosen smelting pot, the african wilderness flow like soft water through the wild mans inner spectrum a wild gooser teeth flys through a portal of waffles and plays the planetary psychic mandolin of energy truth, the sentimental sensual color guards taste the sweet malted noise of the universal spatula gods meanwhile an adventurer monk spills the vast eragna fluid of horticulture herbivore, the magical reverend jellyfish spits a fat sitar ride on to the high mans lap which he gladly accepts and takes to the nature mountain cures all that is life while the brook babbles as the wondrous rainbow bridge made of plasma transports me to the evervescent moon the swiss cheese mountain breathes gold air and the isolated nose tip warms to a degree of love, the magical white women dance in the space fountain, and gods presides his all powerful wisdom blanket upon the land fish, the pressure builds as the song nears its end the guitar man plays on the drum man plays along, the play hard and well speaking melodies of pleasure through their agile fingers, the man on the bench sits on viewing his land of meaning and the song builds in preparation the teeming goat angel flys onward ready for the cycle to begin and the sentient beings refresh their minds to cleanse the mud of the day out of their brains, the pleasure blankets cover the galaxy as the song ends another child starts their journey at the rainbow bridge.

So whenever I get elevated I write a story on my Ipod that consists of lots rainbows and space related things. This is my first story, word for word, as written.

Rainbow bridge to the moon which takes me too the isolated ice tip on the nose, I skip merrily Swiss Cheese mountain, over yonder I watch kangaroo sunset, I walk with a wackelpudding cheer, as I rise to the isolated skyforcefield, the trancsendalist rainbow cupcakde warmly jelatin finger rays, my velociraptor rambunctious purgatory soul demigods of the mirror steeds fill the hippie girrafes of the African wilderness with psychedelic pleasure, and the powerful manimal cosmic Himalayan monk ninja samurai happy cowboy rides along the white sunset in to the universal star beauty, and elephant lion eagle gods and they converse of the elemental fur people and the smiley music who brainpower people, and the steel meteor gravity light bear claw beast destroys the evil darkness clone conformity cynical anger stick swastikas with his Hypertanic diamond firelectric fighting dragon chaos destructor beam, the explode into light pudding, that penetrates the minds of population of the universe sharing fulfilling queen specialty tea, that creates a protectful intellectual spirit bubble, defending their own person, and purges all that create and perform all undying evils, while the universe expands infinitely into the quenching peaceful safehappiness zone created visible transendalist color sheets among all the land sea and air, speaking for the neon hyperevolved intelligent psychedelic universal jellyfish, that roars the sound of of a draglionturtle that slowly instills all knowledge of everything into the absorbfull pores of all sentient creatures, leading peace and wellness to all the way back to the beginning journey to the moon where all is well on the comfortable highway extreme living aqueous yet solid safe musical happiness soulful melliflous spiritual filling time erupting hot cold big little perfectual singing beginning eternal squandering peaceful amazing even quadramatic legitimate lort thinking rolling walking wordly universal drootastic beutiful naturalsic wonderful being that is the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone around me is moving on, getting ready for college, getting accepted into the places they applied, and Im just sitting here trying to take it all in. I dont understand how they can be so quick to leave, I dont even know what I want to do yet, where I want to go, what Im going to do in 6 months when I graduate. I dont want to get left behind but I dont want to grow up either, seperating from my high school friends, going to different places, living different lives. Im not ready for it, its so scary.